Last Updated on the 8th April 07
MrBean's Programming section.
To be honest I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to put on these programming pages. I'm really not much good at coding, but it's something I enjoy as a hobby, so I wanted to have a section on the web site to encorage me to do a bit more than I have in the past. Anything in this section will be in some way related to CNC. So here goes.....
So... What programs have I written?
Ummmmm. Not much. This domain was hosting a couple of php scripts for a while, used to calculate axis unit information for Mach3. Not terribly exciting I know, but they may come in handy now and again.
The old online php calculator for screw type drives here.
And one for belt type drives here
I would take the results from the php BeltDrive version with a pinch of salt ;-) I'm not too confident that they are exactly right. They're close, but maybe not exact. I'm fairly sure the ScrewDrive one is ok though.
I also wrote a version of the axis calculators in C#. See the screenshot to the right. You can download it here. You'll need the .net framework installed, or you'll get an error when you try to run the program. Again the BeltDrive resuts may be a little off. Screw Drive results should be ok.
There are a few bugs in there that I know about. Maybe one day I'll get around to fixing them......
If you have a bullet proof formula for working out the calculations for beltdrives, please contact me, and I'll ammend the software.