Last Updated on the 8th April 07
Future Projects
This is really just a list of things I've been giving some thought to, and may possibly make one day. I've made some quick CAD drawings to visualise my ideas and to serve as a reminder. I forget so much stuff, so it's handy to be able to refer back to a picture or model.
I really like the idea of building a small CNC lathe, and it could be fun project too.  Not all parts are modelled, I just wanted to get the basic idea down.
The main linear axis would run on cheap skate bearings.  The cross slide could be dovetails or similar to keep the centre height down.  Liner bearings and rails may make the centres too heigh. Still thinking about it.........
A rotary table is definately on the to do list. The basic principle is quite simple, and it should be fairly easy to build. The 3D model bares little resemblance to the physical parts that would be required. It's just the idea that I was trying to capture.
It seems the holy grail of home CNC builders on a budget, is to build their own set of linear bearings. Many people cannot justify or afford new precision rails and carriages. Even second hand units are not cheap. This was an idea I've been mulling over, on and off, for some time...
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