pcb milling head
Last Updated on the 8th April 07
Milling a PCB using CNC
My machine had not been used for a while, so I had some setup to do. I also installed some new drivers and had to configure those too. That's all done now, so we are "all systems go", for some PCB milling action.
Firstly we need to install some plugin software for use with Eagle. You'll need to download the file from the link below. From here on I'll assume you have Eagle aready installed. If not, get it here.
PCB-Gcode Link Free Gcode plugin ULP. These plugins are listed alphabetically, so you will have to scroll down the page to find the "PCB-Gcode ULP"
Once downloaded, extract the pcb-gcode-3.3.2.zip file to the main Eagle ULP folder
C:\Program Files\EAGLE-4.16r2\ulp
Now that's taken care of, we can get on with configuring the software.
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