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Last Updated on the 8th April 07
Milling a PCB using CNC
First of all we need a circuit board layout to work with. If you have one of your own, you can use that. If not you can grab the one from the POVRay Rendering pages here. This is the PCB I'll be cutting on the CNC, for this tutorial. The instructions for where to put the files are in the same paragraph as the download link.
Now start up Eagle. You should see the Eagle Control Panel. Expand the Projects element in the tree view. You should be able to see the 555_Timer folder, inside which are the files we need. Double click the monostable.brd file to load it, and you should see somrthing like that in the image. pcb layout
Click on the "ULP" icon in the top toolbar. From the dialogue box that opens, you need to find the file called pcb-gcode-setup.ulp Double click that to run the script. Hopefully you'll get a new dialogue box asking you to select a "Machine Profile". I use Mach3, so I chose "Mach" from the list. Just choose the one that matches your controller, then press Accept. On the next window, choose yes.
I work in metric (mostly), so my settings will be in mm's. Unit settings are at the lower left corner of the window. There are only two tabs that are really relevent. Those are: "Generation Options" and "Machine". Rather than type out all the settings, I've taken some screenshots so you can refer to those. The other tabs, you can leave, or set as you wish, it's not really important.
Generation Options Machine
milling settings milling settings
Once all the settings are entered and you are happy that they are correct. Hit "Accept and make my board"
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