pcb render
Last Updated on the 8th April 07
Welcome to the PCB Rendering pages.
Here I will describe the methods I use for producing a 3D rendering of a PCB, from a schematic.

Let's start off with a quick rundown of the software we'll be using for this "How to".

Eagle Link Free PCB design software
Eagle3D Link Free 3D model genreation plugin ULP
POVRay Link Free 3D Raytracing engine
When you visit the Eagle3D page it's well worth while grabbing the Image archive too. It's ~38Mb, but it will come in handy later on.
Here's a quick look at the type of results you can expect to get using the above software for rendering a PCB, and a bit of patience... pcb view
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The Links to the left will take you to the corresponding download pages. It's also worth browsing these sites, for extra documentation etc...